5 Things To Look For In Good Companies Other Than Brand Name


What are things to look for in good companies other than brand name? With a culture that is moving a million miles per hour, sometimes all we as the consumer can do catch a fleeting glimpse of a company name.

The thing is, though, that a good company is more than just advertisement fodder. Taking a casual look at various global publications and their “great companies” lists lets you realize just how many good companies exist that don’t necessarily rely on a brand name alone.

Here are five characteristics that underscore what being a “good company” means:

1. In many cases, a good company has been in business for a number of years. This usually means decades, and in some instances, centuries. Through the trials & tribulations of uncertain times, war, and financial uncertainty, these companies have stood strong and made it through.

2. The company has a stellar reputation built on product consistency. When consumers become familiar with a company’s product, they expect the product to be the same way at all times. This consistency creates a reputation among consumers of quality control and attention to detail.

3. Good companies understand their audience and provide a product that addresses their wants and needs. These companies accept feedback from consumers and, in turn, use it to develop a product. As consumers see their ideas being heard and implemented, customer satisfaction goes up, buoying the company’s already solid reputation.

4. No good company would be complete without a satisfied workforce. Employee satisfaction is vital to making any company great. Whether it’s flexible work schedules, room for professional growth, competitive benefits, or job security, a good company takes care of its employees. This leads to lower employee turnover, which then leads to greater consistency in how a product is produced, marketed, and maintained.

5. Ultimately, a good company is unique and provides something unique to consumers. They stand out from the crowd, and they appeal to the masses in a way that endears them to those who want something different. This identity creates a culture of innovation, which keeps ideas moving forward, all while still maintaining the characteristics of a good company that keeps it strong over time.

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